About Us

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LEATHER EXPORT HOUSE is a well-known leading buying house in Bangladesh leather sector. In 1980, Mr. M.A Taher built this small company in Hazaribagh, Dhaka. It was an apprenticeship that lasted until 1985, when the company started exporting cow crust leather in international market. Mr. Taher increased the export variation such as wet blue splits, cow lining leather, goat crust leather in 1989. He began with passion, enthusiasm, dedication and honesty. He believe that customer satisfaction is the best award. Mr.Noman Siddique Tanvir is the successor of leather export house and only son of Mr.Taher.

Mr. Noman started learning from his father in 2005 and he runs the business till now. The leather business has been passed on to us from generation to generation. So one can say it is like an imprint on family business.

Our priority is to surve the customer in the best possible manner and ensure complete satisfaction throughout starting from inspecting each skin from wet blue to last stage. Moreover, we have made the solemn promise never to compromise on quality and timely shipment.

Over the years, we have expanded our export to the world market such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and India.